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I've set up this wiki so readers of can get a feel for how wikis work. Please feel free to play with this website and try editing it. You can just try adding a few words to the page to see what it's like, or maybe describe a cool educational website or project you'd like to share with others. It's a wiki, so you can write whatever you want. Just remember to play nice. :-)

Here's a link to My First Page. To create a page of your own, click the "Make a New Page" link on the left column. Once you've created your new page, you can add a link to it here by editing the homepage and writing something that includes a link. A link is created by putting the name of the page in double brackets, like this:

[[Wikis Are Fun]]

This will then create a link to the new page - in this case, a page called Wikis Are Fun.


I just gave it a try by creating a page called Finding A Use as well as creating site navigation to all the current pages.

Thanks for the "Finding A Use" page. I appreciated your message. This is my first wiki exposure (not counting using wikipedia as a reference but without giving any of my own input).